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September 24, 2021

Stem and Industrial revolution

Has STEM education affected the present scenario which may lead to the industrial revolution?  The acronym for stem is Science,  Technology,  Engineering and Mathematics and this education is beyond the normal lesson. With the introduction of STEM learning students has leveled up the ways of thinking,  behaving and interacting with people.  The lessons disseminated to students are of equality one and have helped the education ministry to produce productive citizens. Science and Math have become interesting and students learn more than what is displayed in front of them. As students takes keen part in learning through various gadgets, their urge for learning more boost up and ends up creating new things. STEM education have produced such witty citizens that everyday new technologies arises and helps the students to level up their pace of learning. With lots of technologies being introduced, problem arises such as revolution within the country. STEM learning has made students taste the triumph of their hard work and has let them imagine beyond their imagination. 

Modernization has helped the people to get out of their cocoon and be a part of this digitalized era. Students as of now have alternatives while studying, they either have to choose gadgets or learn by themselves. Their intelligence has resulted in the introduction of industries and various digital-technologies. Succeeding in bringing up such technologies urges students and other people to boost up their confidence and keep on learning. Most of the schools in the United States use E-books and such other gadgets to teach. The IQ level of American students is more as compared to other countries as their country is one of the most developed one. Various industries, technologies are found in the US and it's obvious that more conflict arises.

STEM education has produced such witty people that everyday new technologies are introduced and helps everyone to pace up their level of learning. Everyday new technologies come into existence and show the power of STEM education. STEM learning encourages teamwork since students of all abilities are placed together and work together to solve the problem, record data, write reports, etc. This way, they not only solve the assigned task but learn new things through each other. STEM learning has helped everyone about the tech-use. When encountering technology they will know how to use such things as being hesitant and fearful. 

STEM learning not only focuses on the bright side. There are such conflicts which arise when more people come up with different technologies. Though it's a good thing that their learning has resulted in a good way, but problems like revolution become the obstacle in the STEM learning. Chaos will be there and it might become hectic for everyone but failure is a sign that you are learning. people learn through mistakes and if a person fails in doing such, then it shout outs that he/she is learning. After all, failing means that we are trying and giving our full dedication.


STEM education helps students to learn more than their capacity and encourages resilience. Trying until we succeed is a positive thing for students. STEM learning has encouraged students in the field of tech-use adaption, resilience, in boosting up their self-esteem and all. This learning has changed everyone, be it in the way they think, behave and interact. The change in and around our surroundings are all the result of our intelligence and hard work.